ESPN 'Live at Home' Production Workflow with SimplyLive

With more and more companies sending their employees to work from home, everyone is effected. This includes ESPN.

For major companies, broadcasting must continue, even from home. This means new workflows, and a new way of producing. recently covered ESPN's workflow. We're going to take a look at that workflow article, below.

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One production returning to ESPN during the pandemic is The Jump. As this show is produced live, a workflow has to be created for a work from home production. A comitee for ESPN developed this workflow in the recent weeks, so that the team at The Jump would be ready for success.

“The goal of the committee was to review the best option for producing studio shows at a high-level, while allowing all of the associated staff to work from home. The ‘Live from Home’ committee reviewed several cloud-based solutions that work well to execute very basic productions, but did not allow for a large volume of video, graphics or animation. The committee quickly turned to several tools that have been deployed in the field and could be operated from afar.

Chris Calcinari, SVP, ESPN

The core of ESPN’s live from home workflow is a SimplyLive ViBox. The ViBox was designed by SimplyLive to create next level, high quality sports production- the kind required by companies like ESPN.

The ViBox touch screen production system gives the team the ability to cut and transition between cameras, generate custom graphics, and store everything being produced and streamed.

Learn more about SimplyLive HERE.

Check out the full article from ESPN HERE.

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