Everyone, Meet Matte

Layers by Steve Holmes matte One of the easiest ways to control the transparency of elements in After Effects is to make use of a matte; however, mattes come in various flavors—track mattes, garbage mattes, layer blend modes, and alpha and luma mattes, among others. Using just a few of these, and some sneaky techniques, we can create a fun intro to a TV program (the fictitious Space Angels) and a cool transition from the logo to the first scene of the action. The specs for this project are an NTSC square pixel composition (720x540), 29.97 frames per second, 8 seconds long, with a background color of black. STEP 1: Import Vector Graphic Elements First, assemble the elements to use in the titles. We're looking for a mix of video, vector graphics, and an icon that's central to the logo that can be used for the jump from title to action. In this case, we've started with a selection of Illustrator graphics: the words "Space Angels," silhouette outlines of the "Angels" (with a nod of thanks to House Industries), yellow outer shapes to sit behind the title, a smaller black shape that will go above it later, and finally a pistol logo that's perfect for the transition later. read more...

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