Everyone’s Streaming, and it’s Here to Stay

Once the pandemic hit back in March schools, churches, and businesses were forced to turn to streaming and remote work. With the mark streaming has left on the world, professionals think it's here to stay, even after the pandemic comes to an end. 

Motivational Speaker, Mark Kamp, who has done keynotes around the world for clients such as AT&T, Bayer, Expedia, IBM, and Volvo, was forced to turn his ballroom and auditorium events into virtual events once the pandemic started. 


Kamp says he's still learning when it comes to his virtual events but he has learned a lot, which he believes is applicable to other settings who have had to make the sudden change to streaming. For example Kamp uses three cameras instead of the traditional single camera style. The constant switching gains the audience's attention back.  Kamp is also keeping his audeince intrigued by adding games to his events with prizes. 

"Just about every game show that’s on TV, we’re able to do virtually now. We’re selling that to clients for educational purposes because they don’t want boring. To get more ROI, you’ve got to keep their attention.” 
Mark Kamp

Engagements like Kamp's are applicable in education settings as well. A classroom might have three or four camera instead of one to show lectures from all different angles. Or the cameras can be used on the students in the classroom when hybrid classes start up again. Roland has seen a growth in the hybrid space. That's where their VR line of streaming switchers come into place. 

Hybrid classrooms need multiple displays that enable both the professor and the in-class students for the remote students. Multiple PTZ cameras are necessary to make the experience good for the students and teachers.

Segment Marketing Manager at Barco, Ellen Van De Woestijne says “The big shift with Covid-19 is that schools will need to search for a solution not only for the online programs, but also for the campus-based programs so they can do a mix. That’s a major change.”


 Cloud services is another major streaming opportunity for businesses, schools, and churches. This will allow you to keep an archive of your live streamed events and make the accessible to people when they want to or have the time to jump in. 


Phil Lane, BirdDog's Vice President of EMEA Sales says "Over the last few months, Cloud has been a big talking point for us as everyone has been looking for ways in which to work during lock down and social distancing. We have seen a huge increase in remote production workflows and live streaming from many different sectors, including broadcast, corporate, medical, education and house of worship.” 

The BirdDog Cloud uses SRT, an open source video transport protocol and technology stack designed to provide high-quality streaming over the internet. 

Teachers, executives, and presenters have the tools to deliver studio quality streams from home. The technologies out today are increasing remote production workflows and live streaming. 


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