Everything You Need to Know about Yololiv Instream Vertical Live Streaming Solution

The YoloLiv Instream is the industry's first and only all-in-one multicam vertical live streaming studio. Create better content for Instagram, TikTok, and more. Add multi-cam, graphic overlays, picture-in-picture, chroma key, transition effects, lower thirds, countdown timer and more to elevate your vertical livestream to the next level. YoloLiv answers their most asked questions about the Instream in a recent blog post.

Here are the answers to their most asked questions. 

  1. "Can I stream to multiple platforms at the same time?"
    At this time you cannot. The Instream supports only one platform at a time but if we know one thing, we know YoloLiv is great at taking customer feedback and providing updates for their devices and this is on their roadmap.
  2. "How to adjust my camera feed after it is connected to Instream?"
    The Instream allows you to adjust your camera feed by flipping it horizontally, or vertically, rotating it by 90 degrees, or cropping it
  3. "How to use audio mixing on Instream?"
    To use audio mixing you need to connect your device to Line-In/Mic-In instead of the USB Port. 
    YoloLiv notes: "Currently, it supports mixing audio channels from maximum 2 HDMI sources, 1 Line-in/Mic-in, and 2 local videos. USB audio input cannot be mixed with other sources."
  4. "Does Instream support streaming to RTMP?"
    No it does not.
  5. "What SIM cards can be used on Instream?"
    Instream supports nano SIM cards. YoloLiv tested  T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T/Mint Mobile which is all working fine. 
    YoloLiv Notes: Please make sure your SIM Cards include data, text, and calls. SIM cards that are used for tablets only don’t work on Instream.
  6. "How to switch the system and keyboard language?"
    System Language
    To switch the system language, click on the settings icon on the top left of the device, then click on the language. Currently, only English and Chinese are available.
    Keyboard Language
    To switch the keyboard language,  open the keyboard by finding any option to type. If the keyboard includes an earth icon, you can long press it to call out the Change Keyboard list and choose Language settings. If you cannot find the icon, long press the “,” button to call out the setting gear and press it. After you finish this step, go back to the main menu to find your keyboard setting. Once that step is complete you can change the keyboard by y selecting the “Language” or “Language and Input” option. Here, you will find a list of available languages and keyboards. Look for the language and keyboard you want to use, and select it to change the keyboard.
  7. "How to switch between full screen and monitoring interface?"
    Frist enter any app on your Instream device. Next slide up from the top of the source section to bring up the menu. Once the menu is up, your will see four icons, “Go Back,” “Home,” “Task List,” and “Full Screen. To switch to full-screen mode, click on the icon on the right end that looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing outwards. Once in full-screen mode you can use the same button to go back to the monitoring interface.

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