Everything you Need to Know to get Started in Video Editing

It's easier and less expensive than you think!! When we began publishing this article over 5 years ago, the world of video was much more limited. DV Camcorders were over a thousand bucks (analog VHS and Hi8/8mm cams had just hit the under $500 level) and although you could shoot in several formats, the end result was almost always the same - producing a VHS tape that you could watch. Affordable DVD burners had just hit the market and we were in the middle of a format war. Web video was limited to postage stamp sized clips with choppy play back. My oh my, how things have changed. Today DVD burners are standard issue in every computer and the DVDs you create can play back on anyone's DVD player, computer and even video game. We have a new DVD format war, this time it is for High-Definition video Blu-ray Disc vs HD DVD. Everyday we view streaming video on websites like CNN, ESPN, YouTube and hundreds of other video sharing sites. We watch videos on our TV, our computer, our cell phones and our PDAs. Digital video is everywhere. Anyone and everyone can make video that they can share, but not all video is equal. If you want your videos to look better and be more enjoyable to watch, you need to edit them. Many folks getting started in video editing want to learn more about the various options they have to produce videos that look great and more. This article has been updated to provide you or your friends, family members, children or business associates the information they'll need to get started and do the job right. If you are already an experienced digital videographer, pass this along to the folks you know who are looking for a starting point. This article is broken into several parts, each one loaded with useful information to help you on your way. At the end of the article you'll have a list of the products we recommend most for getting started on a budget, as well as a wide range of training DVDs to teach you how to get the most out of your new video editing and production gear. Before we get into our products, lets talk about the two things we assume you already have, a camcorder and a computer. read more...

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