Excellent Video Tutorial on Telestream Wirecast

This is a really well done and informative overview of Telestream Wirecast Pro, It's more than a review, he walks you through setting up and using the software. He shows you how to bring in graphics, chromakeying and adding graphics. This video really demonstrates how easy it is to produce a professional looking video for broadcast and/or streaming with Telestream Wirecast. He uses a BlackMagic UltraStudio Express to bring in his HDMI video. We recommend the Epiphan AV.io for this. It is USB3, bus powered and incredibly reliable. CryptoBiz Magazine

How to use Telestream Wirecast 6 for producing broadcast videos

Watch an overview of the functions of Wirecast Pro 6 from Telestream. Learn how to use the interface including the Auto Live function, the layers, chrome keying with a green screen, overlaying graphics adding titles and logos to your videos and how to produce a broadcast quality video production. This video will teach you how I produce Bitcoin and Crypto Currency news releases for Reuters Insider Financial Network using Wirecast from Telestream. This video features http://www.TaurusExchange.com a new Canadian Bitcoin Exchange

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