EXCLUSIVE! NewTek TriCaster Mini Hands On

GEEKBEAT.TV We?ve always talked a lot about the TriCaster from NewTek. It powers all our live productions and makes live camera switching incredibly easy, throwing in some awesome on-screen effects in the bargain. So we were very excited to get an exclusive hands-on first look at the new TriCaster Mini today in our studio! Philip Nelson and Scott Carroll from NewTek joined us, giving us a great demonstration of the new TriCaster?s abilities. The Mini can handle up to four live video sources over HDMI, and two live network connections. The Mini comes in two versions, the HD-4 which provides 15 hours of storage and the HD4i which gives you 45 hours and a built-in display for monitoring the video you are capturing. read more...
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TriCaster Mini HD-4i HDMI Production Solution with Integrated Display and 2 Internal Drives $7,995.00 NewTekTriCaster Mini HD-4i Bundle with Control Surface and custom Travel Case $9,995.00 NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i Bundle with Control Surface and custom Travel Case (Educational, incl. LiveText and VSE) $9,995.00

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