Exclusive Videoguys Bundles featuring Avid MC7 and NewBlue LiveFX!

Exclusive Videoguys Bundles featuring Avid MC7 and NewBlue LiveFX!

Avid Media Composer 7 with NewBlue liveFX
The Must-Have Toolkit for Editing Live Events

Bundles Available Now at Videoguys.com

Videoguys, Avid & NewBlue FX got together to create this special bundle designed for Wedding & Event Cinematography, Corporate Event, sports editing and Video for Worship. When you combine all of the great new features in Media Composer 7 with these NewBlue FX plug-ins, you'll have all the tools you need to create outstanding video, quickly, efficiently and capable of supporting all your HD workflows.

If you have any additional questions about video storage, I/O hardware and making sure your PC or Mac has the correct configuration for optimal performance, please give us a call 800 323-2325 or send an email to sales@videoguys.com.

If you are a post facility or broadcaster looking for multiple seats, please give us a call or email herb@videoguys.com and let Herb, our Broadcast Sales Specialist, put together a quote for you with volume discounts.

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For New Avid Editors:
Full License of Avid Media Composer 7, NewBlue liveFX & COD Training Card

For Avid MC6/6.5 Owners:
Upgrade to Avid Media Composer 7 with NewBlue liveFX & COD Training Card

For older Avid MC Owners (pre-6):
Upgrade to Avid Media Composer 7 with NewBlue liveFX & COD Training Card

For Avid Xpress DV & Pro Owners:
Upgrade to Avid Media Composer 7 while supplies last - with NewBlue liveFX & COD Training Card

Avid Media Composer 7

Avid Media Composer has long been the most trusted tool of professional editors. Media Composer 7 opens your possibilities even further, simplifying and accelerating file-based workflows and extending real-time production everywhere so you can focus on telling the best story possible. From new high-res workflows and AMA media management, to automated media operations and global collaboration, experience the industry’s preeminent NLE, now at the most affordable prices ever.

Avid Media Composer 7
Upgrade from Version 6/6.5
Upgrade from Media Composer 6 or 6.5
Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Media Composer 5.5 or older
Upgrade from Avid Xpress
For a limited time only: This is your last chance to Upgrade from Avid Xpress DV or Xpress Pro directly to MC7

while supplies last

Accelerate HD delivery from high-res sources

With the new FrameFlex tool and LUT support, you can acquire 2K, 4K, and 5K media and deliver the HD programming required today, eliminating time-consuming transcodes and resizing.

  • FrameFlex - Pan and Scan tools that extract a user-definable and keyframeable HD raster from Hi-Res source media
  • 1D/3D LUT’s and Color Decision Lists. Convert color spaces from various camera formats and image types into Rec. 709 HD.

Media Composer features some big changes with high-resolution media, yet it’s still not resolution independent.

As creative professionals, Avid's customers are expected to deliver high-quality content that inspires viewers all over the world. So that they can work with the best image quality possible, many of these projects are using high-resolution acquired source material. In speaking regularly with their customers it became clear to Avid that their most pressing need was a fast and proficient method for extracting the HD masters they are required to deliver today-- including for high-res based projects. This also allows them to avoid a resolution independent pipeline that would tax performance and increase external monitoring costs. Media Composer 7‘s new FrameFlex™ and color space conversion tools give customers complete creative control over this process, using the editing tools they‘ve come to love and trust.

Maximize creativity time with acceleration through automation

With new Dynamic Media Folders, copying, consolidating, and transcoding tasks can be automated in the background, so you can keep editing without the wait. What’s more, Avid media management now looks after all of your AMA-linked files too.

  • Dynamic Media Folders. User specified folders that can be automated to perform non-creative tasks such as transcoding and copying media.
  • Managed AMA Media. Source media that is liked directly to Media Composer via AMA now benefits from the full complement of media management tools that native Avid media does
  • Background Consolidate/Transcode. Time consuming consolidation and transcode operations can now be processed in the background without interrupting the creative editorial process

Make your picture sound as good as it looks

Take control of the overall program volume and insert plug-ins to adjust the tone with the new Master Audio Fader. And with Clip Gain, you can adjust gain on a specific clip, independent of track-based automation.

  • Master Audio Fader. A master fader position in the mixer that will allow for the leveling of all audio tracks at once, as well as the addition of RTAS plug-ins (such as a compressor) to the entire audio mix
  • Cached Audio Waveforms. Rendered waveforms for audio clips are now preserved in the bin for faster display in the timeline
  • Direct Audio Clip Gain. Modify the gain of clips already in the sequence directly from the timeline without having to open any additional audio tools (e.g. Audio Mixer)

To check out all the new features in
Media Composer 7 visit our Avid Media Composer FAQ.

NewBlue liveFX

NewBlue liveFX: The Must-Have Toolkit for Editing Live Events (Mac)

Shooting and editing a live event takes a special talent and set of tools. Unwanted flash from still photography, poor or insufficient lighting and natural discoloration can all interrupt the vision. That's why NewBlueFX created the liveFX bundle, an event editor’s dream collection of plugins designed to seamlessly fix problem footage, unleash your creativity and capture the beauty of the moment. This premium bundle includes ColorFast, Flash Remover Pro, Titler Pro 2.0, and Video Essentials IV Collection. Incredible 2D and 3D titles are easier to create and animate than ever before. Quality color grading has never been more turn-key. Blemish-free skin is a cinch.

liveFX Bundle only $299.00

This complete bundle includes more than $480 in NewBlue Software hand-picked for live event editors

NewBlue ColorFast is an integrated plugin that streamlines both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow. With a variety of features geared for speed and efficiency, you can quickly fix exposure problems and create the look you want across your entire production. The result: You’ll get the artistic results you want in a fraction of the time. - reg. $129.95

NewBlue Titler Pro 2.0 takes the ground-breaking efficiency of the original Titler Pro and adds stunning visual appeal and sophistication. With the addition of custom lights, bevels and additional texture options, the perfect look can be dialed in. Through a simple and intuitive interface tap into rich styles and dynamic animations which will enliven your production, while avoiding the time and learning curve necessary in other titling solutions. - reg. $179.00

NewBlue Video Essentials IV: Includes 10 Plugins: Bleach Bypass, Day for Night, Drop Shadow, Fish Eye, Luma Key, Magnifying Glass, Reflection, Skin Touch Up, Slide Show, Time Clock. - reg. $129.95

NewBlue Flash Remover Pro is an integrated plug-in which removes unwanted photography flash from video. Now event filmmakers and news shooters can capture live events while not having to worry about the presence of still photographers.

Flash Remover Pro works effectively on video camera footage as well as the unique challenges of Digital SLR camera CMOS sensors.- reg. $49.99

ATTN AVID Xpress DV, Pro & Media Composer Owners: Save $500 Off the Symphony Upgrade While Supplies Last

Avid Symphony with NewBlue liveFX Bundle
Special! $1,099.00

Special promotion features the Avid Symphony 6.5 upgrade for owners of Avid Spress Pro, DV or Media Composer. This upgrade is currently available for $995 but only while supplies last! You will also receive a FREE upgrade to the latest version - Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Avid Symphony Color Correction option lets editors add advanced color correction tools previously found only in Avid Symphony. This option will be a $1,499 add-on to Media Composer 7 but Avid editors may take advantage of our Symphony 6.5 Upgrade today at just $999 and get a free upgrade to Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Media Composer with the Symphony Option includes the same feature set as previous versions of the Symphony stand-alone software. By adding the Symphony Option to your Media Composer v7 software, you enable Universal Mastering, the full Symphony Color Correction feature set, which includes secondary color correction and Boris Continuum Complete v8.x

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