Expand Your YoloBox's Capability with New Features and New Products

On todays episode of Videoguys Live, James goes over some of the new and exciting features and add-ons to the YoloBox family of products. This includes new updates such as NDI coming to the YoloBox Pro, and new add-ons such as the YoloDeck. Plus we will be doing our show from a YoloBox Ultra!

Watch the full show below:

Save $100 on YoloBox Ultra

  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder
  • Widescreen & Vertical Orientations
  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, RTMPs, & more for widescreen
  • Stream to Instagram & TikTok vertical
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • 4K Streaming
  • ISO Recording
  • 8" Display
  • NDI 3 Sources + 1 Output (additional $99 fee from YoloLiv)

$1,499.00 reg.
$1,399.00 PROMO

7/8 - 7/31/24 Only!

What's New in YoloBox Ultra:

  • Supports 25/50fps replay
  • Supports web URL overlay with audio
  • Smoother scrolling text overlays
  • Pause function for local videos
  • Fixed audio issues with NDI out
  • Fixed green screen issues with USB-C output to Zoom
  • Fixed the audio-video out-of-sync issue
  • Fixed frame duplicating issues

YoloBox Pro V5.3.0

  1. Support one NDI signal Input:
    To prevent system overload, the Pro limits single NDl input to:
    1080p for NDI-H264.
    720p for NDI-SHQ.
  1. Price for NDI:
    The price for NDI is $99 and it is a one-time fee, not monthly or yearly.
  1. To function properly:
    Please ensure that your NDl devices and YoloBox Pro are on the same network, whether WiFi or Ethernet.
-Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder​
-Widescreen Orientation only​
-Stream to Facebook, YouTube, RTMPs, & more​
-3 HDMI Inputs​
-1080p Streaming​
-8" Display
-NDI 1 Source (additional $99 fee from YoloLiv)

Best YoloBox Add-Ons

  • YoloDeck​
  • YoloLiv Network Bonding​
  • LiveU Solo Pro​
  • PTZOptics Move SE​
  • YC Onion Cages​
  • RODE Microphones

YoloLiv YoloDeck Control Panel for YoloBox

  • 15 Customizable LCD Keys
  • Add Multiple Pages of Buttons
  • Switch Sources and Add Overlays
  • Adjust & Mix Audio
  • Launch & Control Scoreboard 
  • Control Instant Replay
  • Drag-and-Drop Actions to Keys
  • Configure from YoloBox
  • No Laptop Required

YoloLiv Network Bonding

  • Combine multiple internet sources into one single faster & more reliable live streams.
  • No buffering, disconnects
  • No choppy, low quality streams
  • No DHCP/DNS Configuration Needed

LiveU Solo Pro

  • 4K Video Resolution​ - Up to 4Kp60 full video resolution​
  • HEVC Encoding​ - Up to 20Mbps streaming​
  • Supports up to 4 External Modems​
  • 5G Support available as modems become available 

YC Onion

  • Cages and shades for YoloBox Ultra and YoloBox Pro
  • High-quality and easy to use cages for YoloBox

RODE Wireless GO II Microphones

  • Easy to use and works well
  • Plugs directly into YoloBox Ultra or YoloBox Pro

YoloBox Pro + PTZOptics Move SE

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