Experimenting with Virtual Reality Production Workflow, Part 2

This is the second in a series of articles comparing virtual reality streaming and 2D video with a focus on virtual reality production and using stitching software. We hope it will be a resource for you as you plan out your production needs. You can get the 360Heros camera mounts and starter bundles here at Videoguys.com.

Virtual Reality Streaming Tools and Workflow, Part 2: Production Workflow

Streaming Media blog by Jan Ozer This is the second of three articles on VR production. In the first article, I described the project, and the camera and other gear used. In this article, I detail the workflow for producing VR video in Vahana VR, which is the software in charge of stitching together the video from the 6-camera GoPro rig I used to shoot the video. When you first open Vahana, you are prompted to either choose an existing configuration, or start new. If you start new, the interface looks pretty much like that shown in Figure 1 (below), except there are no inputs in the center. Figure 1. The Vahana VR interface. Click the image to see it at fullsize. Click Edit input on the bottom of the right-hand icon column to open the interface shown in Figure 2 (below). Here you choose the inputs on the Magewell cards that corresponds with your live GoPro cameras. There are eight slots, but only six cameras. . . [continue reading]
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