Experimenting with Virtual Reality - VR Production Lessons Learned, Part 3

360-degree video production takes forethought and planning. This article is the 3rd in a series on VR production which may help you plan your project accordingly.

Virtual Reality Tools and Workflow, Part 3: Lessons Learned

Streaming Media blog By Jan Ozer In the concluding segment of a series of articles about my first virtual reality (VR) project, which I produced using equipment supplied by, and assistance from Mobeon I describe the lessons learned during the project.

Understand the Shoot

First recognize that there are (at least) two kinds of VR shoots. The first is a live event where you're just trying to capture what’s going on, whether a concert, basketball game, or ballet. For these shoots, extraneous items like light poles, mic stands, stagehands, and videographers in bad clothing just add character. The other type is a staged production, like a debate or a wedding. Here these same extraneous items evidence bad production planning. The thing about 360° VR is that everything is on-camera, including the camera operator, mics, lights, producers, assistants, groupies, paparazzi, and other assorted hangers on. So when planning your shoot, first you have to figure out how all that is going to work. In my shoot, for example, we’re comparing the effectiveness of traditional 2D video against VR. This means there was a 2D camera in the VR shot, and a beefy 2D camera operator in an orange shirt who didn't realize he would be on camera (Figure 1, below). I’m not sure there’s a way around this one, but at least I could have dressed more appropriately. vr production While your shoot probably won’t have the same 2D/VR requirements as mine, there will be lights, perhaps a computer capture rig, a random operator, and other stuff you’d probably rather not have on camera. So plan ahead for this, and figure out where you’re going to pull all this gear and other detritus...[continue reading]
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