Expert Advice: Recording a Narration in Vegas Pro


We spend a lot of time discussing the wonders of Vegas Pro as a nonlinear video editor—and with good reason. But as we discuss the sophisticated features the application provides for creating your video edits, we often overlook the fact that Vegas Pro is also an incredibly powerful audio workstation. The audio-related features in Vegas Pro have set the standard by which all other nonlinear editing applications are judged and no other has surpassed—or even matched—what Vegas Pro enables you to do with the audio in your video projects.

We've talked about sophisticated audio techniques in previous versions of this column (all of which you can find in the archives on our training page at In this article, I want to focus on a basic—but powerful—function: recording a voiceover narration into your video project.

In fact, the basics of recording that we'll discuss in this article are the same whether you're recording one track of narration or 24 (or more) tracks of a multitrack music recording of a band. Once you learn how to set your project up to record a narration track, you'll understand how to set up as many tracks as you need to record multiple sources either one by one or simultaneously.

Say you have a video project under way. You've cut together all of the footage you shot and now it's time to record a narration. Further, say you don't have—or even want—a script for this video. You'd like your narration to be more of a free-form monologue based on the imagery of the video. One beautiful thing about having powerful audio tools wrapped up into your powerful video-editing software is you can record your free-form narration even as you view the video—all in the same project!

To set your project up to record, first choose Insert | Audio Track to add a new track to record onto. Now you must give some attention to your audio routing setup. The hardware gear you have available to record with will dictate how you set things up. It will also have a lot to do with the quality of your results, so you want to make sure you've given these hardware choices a lot of thought. read more...

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