A Film Editor Explores What's New in HitFilm 4 Pro

Videoguys is sharing this post from professional film editor Jonny Elwyn who opens up about his first impressions using new features in FXHOME's HitFilm 4 Pro software.

HitFilm 4 Pro – First Impressions

HitFilm 4 Pro What's new

{All this is new in HitFilm 4 Pro}

HitFilm 4 Pro is the latest release of the compositing/editing software from the UK based software company, HitFilm, and I point that out because it’s always nice to get to write about home grown talent. I’ve previously mentioned HitFilm on the blog in my post on 5 Free Compositing Apps for Film Editors which included HitFilm Express – the free version of HitFilm 4 Pro. HitFilm were kind enough to send me a ‘reviewers’ copy of their software for the purposes of this review. free lightsaber effects December 2015 Update: For the rest of this month, you can download a Star War’s themed version of Hit Film Express, which includes free Lightsaber and Lightning effects, in order to truly geek out and create your own fan-film epic. Who wants to bet a glut of office Christmas videos will now feature Lightsaber death duels? We can only hope. I should probably admit right off that bat, that this, a) isn’t really a ‘review’ as such – more my first impressions of noodling around with the software for a bit and b) that my presupposition is that in the day-to-day kind of work that I do, I’m not going to really be able to make the most of the toolset and compositing elements that HitFilm provides. So far, I’ve not need to composite in an debris-showering explosion or semi-automatic fire-fight into a corporate video (if only!). But these scenarios seem to be the commonly explored use-cases, at least in the marketing materials...[continue reading]

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