Facebook Live: 6 Expert Tips for Successful Streaming

Streaming Media's Video Doctor has published a follow-up article offering more professional tips for successful live streaming on Facebook. Spoiler alert! here are the 6 Tips:
  1. Audio requirement
  2. Credential lockdown
  3. Audio sampling rate consistency
  4. Archival redundancy
  5. Active moderators
  6. Proper planning
You'll have to read the article to get the full value of the tips - highly recommended!! It's technical information, but essential for being prepared to pull of live events without a glitch. From StreamingMedia.com

As we start the new year, I predict that we’ll see a continued increase of live streaming on Facebook Live. For many groups, nonprofit organizations, and government departments, Facebook Live provides all of the tools necessary to organize a live-streaming event—an event calendar, publishing tools and APIs to get streams up and running, live interaction with audiences, and automatic archiving of the live stream for later viewing.

As I assist new and existing clients in the Facebook Live space, I encounter special situations quite frequently. I offered some advice a few months back, and here are more tips and recommendations to share...[continue reading]

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