Facebook Live Updates announced at Streaming Media East

For those of you with regular Facebook Live productions, you can look forward to new features coming soon. Take a look at this article and find out what's coming down the pike. From StreamingMedia.com In an exclusive, Streaming Media East attendees got a first-look at Facebook Live persistent stream keys, live cross-posting, and live rewind. Publishers will soon have an easier time reaching fans through Facebook Live. Speaking today at the Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Erin Connolly, product manager for Facebook Live, announced three improvements designed to make the platform more useful for publishers: persistent stream keys, live cross-posting, and live rewind. Persistent stream keys will be a help for publishers or video creators who use the Live API. Thanks to this improvement, they can use a persistent stream key with an encoder to speed up the process of setting up a live stream. Publishers will only need to send one stream key to their production team, because that stream key will be permanent. Publishers can send it in advance for easier collaboration among teams.
"Streamers want to get their content out to their fans as quickly as possible without having to worry about going down a checklist of things to do, and with Facebook allowing streamers to have a persistent stream key, it gives the streamer the ability to quickly and effortlessly start streaming while also giving them less to worry about before starting their stream," says Darkness429, a gaming video creator....read more

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