Fast Forward Video sideKick HD Now In Stock at!

Complete kit includes:
• Fast Forward Video sideKick HD unit
• 128GB SSD Drive ($399 value)
• AC Adapter and USB Drive Cable
• 1-year Warranty

sideKick HD Accessories
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Additional 128GB SSD - $399.00

Expanded capacity 256GB SSD Drive tested and approved for use with sideKick HD - $799.00

External Battery with Charger - $199.00

Camera Battery Cable for
Anton Bauer/V-Lock - $99.00

Custom Carrying Case - $99.00

4 to 3-pin Power Adapter - $59.00

2-year Extended Warranty
and Support Contract - $399.00

Fast Forward Video sideKick HD
Now In Stock at!

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The new Fast Forward Video (FFV) sideKick HD is a versatile recording solution designed to ease production workflow and satisfy the demands of both producers and postproduction editors. The camera-mountable sideKick HD captures video directly from HD/SDI or HDMI outputs at bit rates up to 220 Mbit/s, with 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit resolution in multiple codecs starting with ProRes on removable 2.5" SSD drives. Recording directly to high-quality NLE formats eliminates time-consuming transcoding, which can degrade image quality. The sidekick HD also provides a 4.3" on-board confidence monitor which offers playback options including scrub and jog capabilities.

Superior Quality - Capture the highest quality video that your HD camera can produce.

  • Up to 220 Mbit/s
  • 4:2:2 sampling
  • 10-bit quantization

Select the codec that postproduction prefers.

  • Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
  • Apple ProRes 422
  • In the future, more codec options will be available via purchased firmware updates.

Record directly to high-quality NLE formats, eliminating time-consuming transcoding and the image-quality degradation that it often produces.

Outstanding Performance - With it’s small footprint, brilliant full-color screen, intuitive controls, and flexible mounting options, SideKick HD makes it easy to capture the perfect shot, even in challenging conditions.

  • Mount SideKick HD anywhere, with either the battery or cable option.
  • Select your preferred video input: HD/SDI or HDMI.
  • Capture every detail with automatic recording and frame-rate- and resolution-sensing capabilities.
  • Confirm that you got the shot with the 4.3” on-board confidence monitor and its simple playback options.
  • Increase record times with larger-capacity non-proprietary 2.5? SATA solid-state drives.
FFV's FAQ with answers to all your questions:

What is the size of your display? Will it work in bright sunlight?
FFV selected a high quality 4.3 TFT Display (480 X 272 Pixel Resolution) that works well in direct sunlight.

Can I preview my recorded clips?
The sideKick HD display is both a confidence monitor and allows users to playback their clips. It has simple VTR control buttons and it even includes the ability to scrub and jog the video.

Does sideKick HD have a touchscreen?
FFV strategically decided against using a touch screen display. They felt users of sideKick would not want to have their finger prints on the display and interfere with the use of the screen as a confidence monitor.

Why did Fast Forward Video go with Solid State Disk Drives (SSD) instead of spinning drives?
FFV chose SSDs because they have no moving parts and aren’t affected by shock and vibration. In addition, SSD performs well in extreme environmental conditions. Spinning drives have the ability to drop frames when affected by shock or vibration. No one wants to experience drop frames in their video file.

Can I use the HD-SDI and HDMI outputs simultaneously?
SideKick HD has both HDMI and HD-SDI inputs and outputs. Both outputs cross-convert so both outputs are simultaneously active. complicated is the menu selection?
FFV's mantra with sideKick has been to “keep it simple” so the user gets what they need and not a lot of what they don’t need. They built the sideKick for field use by professionals where time is a real commodity.

What is sideKick HD made out of and how much does it weigh?
The sideKick’s enclosure is made out of glass-filled polycarbonate for durability and light weight. The unit weighs less than a pound and that weight includes the SSD. FFV made it light so you can easily attach sideKick to your camera and not dramatically change the balance point.

How long has FFV been making DVR technology?
FFV has a very long history making digital video recorders, whereas some of the competitors have not made DVR’s before. FFV built the world’s first hard-disk based broadcast quality DVR in 1989. They have tens of thousands of recorders installed in the most demanding applications imaginable. FFV recorders are on the space station and in unmanned submersibles at the bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean; they are on the (US) President’s helicopter, on the masts of Humvees in Iraq, in the belly of F-18 fighters. FFV recorders perform in rock concerts with the likes of Sting and Madonna. Their broadcast products are on air 24/7 playing flying graphics and replays for live sports, including the referees for the entire National Hockey League. They have even been nominated for an Emmy for their contribution to video recording technology. FFV have plans to release more Codecs for sideKick?
The sideKick HD comes with the ProRes 422 codec. Users can upgrade to ProRes HQ codec for a nominal fee. The sideKick supports other codecs and these will be released over time. An upgrade for DNXHD is planned for later this year.

What is included in the box when I buy my sideKick HD?
FFV strives to give all customers an out of box experience so you could start using the sideKick HD immediately. The sideKick HD includes a 128GB SSD drive, USB drive cable and an AC adapter.

What are the various ways you can power the sideKick device? sideKick HD includes an AC power adapter in the box. You can purchase a “D” tap battery cable for those who have the full-size Anton-Bauer or V-Mount style of batteries. You can also purchase an external battery mount with charger. This external battery solution has its own mounting plate with a simple mini XLR connection.

Can I purchase an extended warranty for my sideKick?
Yes we offer a two year extended support contract which includes advance replacement (swap) and phone support. The support contact can be purchased off our website.

I noticed sideKick HD has a mini-USB port what is that for?
The USB port is not active at this time. The port will be utilized for future functionality. FFV will announce the capability when the time is right.

How much video will the 128GB SSD Hold?
The answer to your question will vary depending on the video that is being recorded because of the varying compressed frames sizes. In short the 128GB drive will give you about 70 minutes of record time (ProRes 422). In ProRes HQ 422 it will be around 1 hour.

Can I use larger drives than the 128GB drive sideKick HD ships with?
Yes we also offer a 256GB SSD drive and we will be releasing a 500GB version shortly.

What will the folder structure look like on the drive?
The FFV files are put down on the disk as part of a FAT32 disk format. They are replaced with .MOV files as you record. When formatting, a portion of the disk is reserved to be used by the user to copy the firmware update file onto the device. cameras types support sideKick?
The sideKick HD supports any camera type that has either a HDMI or HD-SDI output. Keep in mind, it will support DSLR cameras if it outputs a valid HDMI output. We know that some of the DSLR cameras are in the process of fixing their output to remove the viewfinder overlay. Please check with your camera manufacturer for updates. The good news is the sideKick HD solution offers both HDMI and HD-SDI inputs and outputs. This gives you flexibility on your camera choices both today and in the future.

Can I use any SSD drive in my sideKick?
The short answer is it might work. The problem is SSD drive manufacturers constantly change their firmware. These changes in firmware might cause compatibility issues with your sideKick HD unit. FFV has initially qualified Unity Digital SSD drives because they have locked down their firmware for the sideKick HD solution. We expect more SSD drives to be qualified over time.

How do I update my firmware on my sideKick?
Just download the firmware from the Fast Forward Video website onto your SSD drive. Once you insert the SSD drive into your sideKick HD unit it will automatically recognize the new firmware and ask if you want to install it. The entire process takes less than a minute. long does it take to format a drive?
It will take less than a minute to format your drive. Keep in mind if you re-format the drive you will lose any video files stored on the drive.

How do I get my files onto my FCP?
Once you connect the SSD drive to your computer simply drag and drop the files into Final Cut.

Can I view ProRes files on my computer?
If your computer does not have FCP installed, it cannot view these QuickTime files. If you want to view the ProRes material, you can download the ProRes decoder (mac and windows compatible) for ProRes off the Apple website.

What are the Pros saying?
The professionals are saying that the new Fast Forward Video sideKick HD delivers. Check out these nice quotes:

"Finally, a camera-mountable HD-SDI recorder that uses the postproduction codecs I edit with...that saves me time and money!" -Paul Tetreault, Possibilities A/V

“SideKick HD mounts on our HD camera, maximizes the quality of our sensor and lenses, and captures video in the codecs that we need. With SideKick HD, we can finally bypass the internal compression of our HD camcorder and capture up to 220 Mbit/s with 4:2:2 color sampling and 10-bit quantization, via HD-SDI or HDMI. Plus, the built-in color LCD makes it easy to check our clips during shoots—playback is quick and intuitive.” -Daniel Berube, Boston Final Cut Pro User Group and Donald Berube, noisybrain. Productions, Boston, MA

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