FCPX and the Applications needed to make it all happen

HD Warrior by Philip Johnston

Here is a list of Applications that I deem necessary for editing on my iMac…

1. FCPX is essential for HD video editing version 10.0.7 is very responsive on the timeline, I have over 14 hours of HD 720p video footage ingested into my Thunderbolt Raid 5 Pegasus R6 and the speed also helps Motion 5 when sharing (exporting) your footage.

2. Motion 5 is essential for producing classy looking graphics on the Final Cut timeline though a lot of the 3D is produced elsewhere due to time constraints in producing this level of medical detail.

3. LittleSnapper is a great wee app for snapping anything off the computer or a web site.

4. Safari is used to upload sections of work to Vimeo and download external Shutterstock 3D animations and 3D stills like the one seen above.

5. Email is essential for keeping clients updated with the edit and sending them links to view work in progress.

6. Screenflow is a tool that allows you to record everything that is happening on your computer screen then edit it on it’s very own timeline. read more...

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