FCPX for Legacy Final Cut Users

Final Cut Whiz by Connor Crosby

On April 12th, 2011, the editing community laid their eyes on Apple’s next-generation editing software labeled Final Cut Pro X. On June 21st, 2011, the world was able to get their hands on it. For only $299, anyone could download it onto their Mac from the App Store. However, from that moment on, our perception changed. We realized how radically different this new program was to legacy Final Cut. This caused many to demand refunds or turn to new non-linear editors. However, for those who decided to stick it out and brave into the new editing world, they realized that it isn’t that bad. Plus, FCPX is fast! And it has killer new features! Hopefully, with this guide, I will show those who are use to “classic” Final Cut Pro that Final Cut 10 isn’t that bad.

First let’s start with what hasn’t changed. For those who prefer using the keyboard, almost all the shortcuts are the same as legacy FCP. There are a few that you’ll find are different, but you can always change them back. Just go to Final Cut Pro > Commands > Customize.. There you’ll see a keyboard which will allow you to change them to what your little heart desires.

Next I want to make a little note about saving. If you head on over to the File menu, you’ll notice there is no saving option. What the?! How are we suppose to save our work? Have no fear; Final Cut Pro X saves automatically! In fact, if you try pressing command+S, you’ll hear the Mac error sound. No longer do you need to worry about saving after every edit and praying to God that you saved your project after FCP crashes. It’s all done behind the screen, automatically. read more...

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