FCPX: Hardware changes - PART Two

Creative Cow by Gary Adcock

Do not forget for a second that there is a multi-billion dollar hardware eco-system built around using the previous versions of Final Cut.

I focus mostly on the hardware side, mainly because most of my income comes from working around and supporting that rarified top 10% of all users. I am talking about the people and products that are used for feature film productions, episodic television, live sports broadcasting, commercial production, industrials and the like. I am also including people doing documentaries and news.

The people I work with may actually represent the smallest percentile of actual "professional' FCPX app purchases. Yet that same small percentage of companies actually represents an overwhelming amount of purchasing power in that multi-billion dollar FCP ecosystem.

Those who need more than software-only support from FCP, and FCPX, also represent the majority of people on Creative COW.

Look at the hardware specs for running FCPX. The chances are that, if you have a machine that is more than a couple of years old, it likely will not support FCPX. My 2008 desktop Mac falls into that category, one of those machines that cannot run the app without changing out my stock ATI graphics card. read more...

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