Feature film now showing on Showtime and The Movie Channel edited with Videoguys DIY 1 system

DIY1We received this note from one of our long time customers on Friday. Way to go Tony & Jack!

I just wanted to share some info with you and all your newsletter readers.
Starting today (Dec. 5, 2008) you can see "Ghost Image" starring Elizabeth Rohm, Roma Maffia, Stacey Dash & Waylon Payne on Showtime and The Movie Channel.

Why do you care? The movie was edited on an Avid XPress Pro system built from your first DIY system over three years ago. The has been rock-solid that entire time. The system in question gets used daily for everything from corporate video to almost 100 weddings and of course TWO feature films.

Ghost Image was the second film edited on this computer, and another is in the works The next film will most likely be shot with a RED ONE camera, so the old faithful DIY 1 machine might not be up to the task... I'm already pricing a DIY 6 build. By the way, I built the system for Jack Snyder, the writer/Director/Editor of Ghost Image, and also was the assistant editor (among other jobs) on the film. This is the most stable system I have ever worked on, and I work on Avid Qualified Systems on a day to day basis.

For more info on Ghost image: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0861772/

Showtimes: http://www.sho.com/site/schedules/product_page.do?seriesid=0&episodeid=133916

Thank you Videoguys!

Tony M
Video Production Specialist

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