Feature: Videomaker 2007 Best Products of the Year

feature The best consumer video production products of 2007, selected by the editors of Videomaker. Our Videomaker readers know that video production is more than a task. For you it's a way of life, a way to express yourself and a method for reaching people across the globe. It's a powerful, powerful thing that can free your mind or imprison you within your editor's chair as you pull another all-nighter. Good technique will always be the biggest contributor to success in this field. The tools you choose to use greatly impact the speed at which you work. They will also help open up new creative possibilities and develop skills specialized within this field. In the realm of video production, there are tools for every trick of the trade, so here is our list of the tools (and toys) of 2007 that we felt helped Videomaker readers create magical moments in video. Read More...

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