Feel Right at Home with Grass Valley Edius 8

In this review Videomaker declares Grass Valley Edius 's speed and format compatibility make it the NLE everyone should try. Videoguys agree!. When it comes to versatility and performance Edius is an NLE that deserves a look, especially by those editors on a tight deadline having to work with footage from multiple sources in all different formats.
Videomaker by Peter Zunitch
EDIUS 8’s new interface will make any editor feel right at home while the new features will justify an update for returning users. Everyone should try EDIUS even if just to experience its speed and format compatibility. Minor nit-picks are can be easily overlooked.
When we last visited EDIUS (v7, December 2013) we were incredibly impressed with its processing speed and the vast variety of codecs it supported. We’re happy to report that this hasn’t changed. The new version 8 release is snappy, stable and simply put, just plain enjoyable to use.


The first item of note is the reduced tier system, a move that’s always welcome. Gone are 7’s Neo and Elite editions. EDIUS Pro and Workgroup are the only options. Workgroup is designed for multiple-seat, overlapping environments with added support watch folders, advanced import/export/media management features, loudness meters and captioning. For this article however, our testing was performed on a Windows 7 laptop with a Core i7-4600M and 16GB of RAM running a pre-release build of EDIUS 8.1 Pro. read more...

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