FFV sideKick HD NAB Promo Bundle w Accesories $1995
For a limited time only, Fast Forward Video is offering a complete bundle with the SideKick HD and Accessories for just $1,995. This complete bundle includes: Fast Forward Video sideKick HD recorder elevates image recording to higher level At the 2012 NAB Show, Fast Forward Video (FFV) will unveil sideKick HD, a multiformat, straight-to-edit, camera-mountable DVR. Designed to ease production workflows and satisfy the demands of both producers and post-production editors, the sideKick HD enables users to get the most out of their camcorders without compromising on quality. The new sideKick HD offers high-quality image recording in a camera-mountable solution. While most camcorders are capable of delivering a data stream of 30Mb/s at 50:1 compression, the sideKick HD is able to record at 220Mb/s at 7:1 compression. The sideKick HD attaches to any HD camcorder or HDSLR using a standard ¼-20 mount. As a true straight-to-edit DVR, the system records to off-the-shelf, hot-swappable 2.5in SSD drives in native ProRes (for Apple Final Cut Pro) or DNxHD (Avid) NLE formats.
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sideKick HD Camera Mountable DVR with Accessories Bundle $1,995.00 sideKick HD Camera Mountable DVR with 128GB SSD Drive $2,195.00 sideKick HD External Battery Mount with Charger $199.00
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