Field Operator Reviews Atomos Shogun Flame

Atomos' daylight viewable display is a huge selling point for this industry professional. When put to the test, the glare and the brightness of this new product make a significant impact. Read how he puts the Shogun Flame to test and shop for the Atomos Flame Series here.

Atomos Shogun Flame Review – An In-the-Field Operator’s View by Tim Fok Shogun Flame MonitorAtomos has had a string of announcements over the last couple of months, most notably three new 1500-nit, HDR-ready field monitors/recorders. I got hold of one of the first batch of their Shogun Flame units in for review. When the Atomos announced the Flame series (Shogun, Ninja and now Inferno), I was very intrigued. I’ve been a long-time user of Atomos recorders, and have owned the original Atomos Shogun since not long after it came out a few years ago. I had a feeling of what to expect with the Flame recorders: daylight viewable display, dual battery port, better build, HDR view, these things looked nice. Before I get into my review fully, here’s my TL DR (too long, didn’t read): The Atomos Shogun Flame is a worthy upgrade to the original Shogun. Whilst the original 7” monitor/recorder was great value, there were many points where a mark II could improve on. The Shogun Flame addresses some key issues and then some. Dual battery slots and a better build are reasons enough to upgrade, but the addition of a 1500-nit, 10-bit panel really puts the Flame line in a different class to the original Shogun and Ninja Assassin. And that’s even before we get to the new HDR view feature. Whilst on the surface it seems a little gimmicky, it has proven to be a genuinely handy tool for monitoring super flat log sources like Sony S-log. However, I personally feel 7” is still too big of a display for on-camera monitoring, especially on smaller cameras like the Sony Alpha series. A smaller 5.5” version would’ve been a much more ergonomically sound decision...[continue reading]

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