Filimmaking on a Budget: Top Five Camcorders Under $2000 by Jeremy Stamas

In many ways there has never been a better time for amateur filmmakers to go out and purchase new equipment. The rise of HD video has brought forth a wave of new products: from high-performance camcorders that sell for under $1000, to hands-free adventure cams that let you capture all the action for just a couple hundred bucks. And lets not forget all those video-capable DSLRs that offer the flexibility of interchangeable lens systems at lower costs than ever before.

So, if you’re on the prowl for new video equipment, let us help you out for a moment. Here’s our list for the top five camcorders for the budget filmmaker, with all of these models costing less than $2000.

Compact Prosumer Camcorder

The Canon HF G10 sets the bar for compact “prosumer” camcorders. Its price tag is high compared to the rest of Canon’s Vixia line, but it includes a wide range of professional-grade video features and controls. With its suite of color modes and cinema filters, as well as its native 24p frame rate option, the camcorder is ideal for those who are looking to add a film-like aesthetic to their video recordings. read more...

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