Film Editing Chat with "Legally Blonde" Editor Anita Brandt Burgoyne, A.C.E

Award winning American Cinema Editor, Anita Brandt Burgoyne talks with The Cut Center about her path as a professional editor and her preference for Avid Media Composer. If you're an Avid editor, don't miss our Top 10 Products for Avid Media Composer!


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Can you tell us how you started your career?

I have been editing for about 26 years. In that time, I’ve edited TV movies, feature films, TV series, and some commercials and short films. My father was an editor, so I decided I wanted to become an editor like him when I was about 14 years old. This was mostly because I idolized my dad and wanted to be just like him, but also because I spent time in his editing rooms all through my growing up years and I thought it was very interesting. I began my career editing on film, using a Moviola, because that’s the way my father edited. Non-Linear systems such as Avid hadn’t been invented yet, although there were some very early versions of other systems– the Montage, Ediflex, Editdroid,– but we continued to cut on film because that worked very well for us. “Once I started editing on Avid, on a Disney movie called “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” I never went back to Lightworks”. The first film I edited digitally was a feature called “A Very Brady Sequel” and I edited that on Lightworks. I chose to learn Lightworks first, because it looked easier to me– more like editing on film. I also edited my second film,”Good Burger” on Lightworks, but then it was becoming clear that Avid was taking over, as the system most professional editors were using, so I knew I needed to learn it. Once I started editing on Avid, on a Disney movie called “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” I never went back to Lightworks. I have only twice been asked to cut a film on Final Cut Pro, but I really hated that system and finally started to say no to projects that were using it....[continue reading]

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