Film Editor Talks About Intuitive Ease of Avid Platform

When you are in the midst of a creative moment, you don't want to have to think about how your software works, you want to be able to navigate easily. Catch this Avid interview with editor Axel Geddes and his intuitive use of the Avid Platform.

Making the Cut: Axel Geddes Talks the Intuitive Nature of the Avid Platform

From Avid Blogs avid-making-the-cutAvid sponsored the annual ACE EditFest in London this summer and had the chance to sit down with a must-see panel of talented editors. Our new Making The Cut blog series features award–winning editors discussing their craft, their workflows, creative processes and upcoming projects in an exclusive and intimate setting. Film editor Axel Geddes has been a mainstay of the animation world since he began working at Pixar – the legendary US studio that celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this year – as an Assistant Editor on Monsters Inc. in 2001. Since then he has worked on many of Pixar’s milestone productions, including recent global hit Finding Dory – the long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo. Having had experiences with a variety of editing systems, Axel Geddes now has a stated preference for Avid. “I love the intuitive nature of the Avid platform,” he says, “and it is also my experience that is the most robust system out there.”...[continue reading]

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