Filmmaker Interview: The Hillywood Show

West Palm Beach Movie Examiner by Steven Lebowitz

Many who upload something on YouTube hope to hit "YouTube Gold" in that they wake up one morning to find themselves an internet sensation. Before they know it their video has been seen a 100,000 times, a half-million, a MILLION and counting! Sisters Hannah and Hillary Hindi, who already had a large following with their "The Hillywood Show" on YouTube, becoming larger than they ever imagined with their "Twilight" parody (over 3 million views to date).

Since then they have gone on to make a "Dark Knight" parody, and just recently they've just released their "New Moon" parody (over a half-million views in just over a week). The two can often be found hosting Creation Entertainment's Twilight Conventions across the country. sat down to speak to the young filmmakers (Hannah 23, Hillary 19) about such topics as the origin of their hit internet show, how they feel about touring and why they don't look forward to pre-production.

What is the origin of “The Hillywood Show”?
Hannah: It all began in 2006. AOL put out a contest asking people to send in their own ideas for a web show. So we sent our idea in and we made the top 5 out of 100,000 entries, which was really exciting. Unfortunately, we didn’t win; but, fans told us to continue with the idea we were developing and we just stuck with it. From there, people have loved what my sister and I do.

Do either of you have any kind of prior training in film production (editing, directing, etc)?
Hillary: No, we couldn’t afford to go to film school. So we are all self-taught. read more and watch the videos...

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