Final Cut Pro Editors Get Better with Class on Demand Complete TRAINING for Final Cut Pro 7

If you are an editor like me you started with out a manual and learned how to edit on your own. You know you can edit and you feel that you have it down, don’t let your ego get in the way of becoming a better editor with Class on Demand’s Complete TRAINING for Final Cut Pro 7.

Tom Wolsky is on the Board of Directors of the Digital Media Academy, for whom he is an instructor in Final Cut Pro at their Stanford University summer program. Tom is an internationally known guru on Final Cut and the author of five Final Cut instructional books. Having developed video journalism curriculum for Apple Computer, Tom also does professional development training and teaches in schools around the country.

As an instructor Tom’s knowledge of Final Cut Pro is so deep that he can train you completely in Final Cut Pro in 5 hours. Now to make it stick you will have to spend another 20 hours reviewing and using the tips and tools that he demonstrates. Right off the bat I learned 5 new shortcuts that will enhance my editing and make me more efficient as a cutter.

I can honestly say I learned something new in each lesson. Does that mean I didn’t know what I was doing prior to this awesome training DVD? No…maybe…actually not at all. I was stuck in my ways and it feels great to open up and get this training to help me move forward especially with a newer version of Final Cut Pro. Some of my favorite lessons were…read more...

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