Final Cut Pro Future: Managing effects, a built-in store and community

alex4d by Alex Gollner

Judging by the user interface of Final Cut Pro X and MacOS X Lion, it seems that Apple want to move us away from accessing complex file systems and letting us manage our projects from within full-screen applications.

If this so, the way that Final Cut works with effects and helper applications will have to change. For now Motion-created effects, titles, transitions and templates must be installed in special folders in the Movies folder in the home folder. If we need to import Final Cut Pro 7 timelines or export clips to Motion or After Effects, we have to run separate apps.

In the case of effects, transitions and titles, there are ways user interface could be improved.

Inside Final Cut Pro itself is the best place to manage effects.


If you find yourself often using the same effects but changing the parameters to your favourite values every time, a preset system would be very useful. Most effects can be opened in Motion and the defaults changed to any value, but a non-Motion-based solution would be great. This could be managed by making parameter changes in the inspector and dragging the effect into the Effects Browser, where it would appear with a new name using a based on a parameter that has been changed and its new value – such as ‘Basic Lower Third – Font – Futura’ read more...

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