Final Cut Pro Makes a Comeback!

Emmy Award winning Filmmaker, Tanner Shinnick, shared with Premium Beat about why he went back to FCP.

Why I Switched Back to Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Set Up

After two months with FCPX, I have decided to make the switch from Premiere. Here’s why.

A couple months ago, I posted an article about how I was considering switching to FCPX. You can read that article here for more detail on why I was considering the switch. Since then, I have been using and learning Final Cut Pro X. Switching from Adobe Premiere Prodid present some challenges; however, the transition was not as difficult as I had imagined — especially compared to FCPX’s initial release. To be honest, I liked working in FCPX far more than I anticipated. Granted, there still were a few matters that I didn’t enjoy about the NLE, but overall it was a good experience. I’ll detail some of the reason why I like and dislike the platform.

Pro: Touchbar Integration

Over the last few months, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Premiere and FCPX, simply because I had older projects in Premiere that I had been working on. Oddly enough, when working in Premiere, I would find myself reaching for the Touchbar far more often than I expected. This tool, which I once considered super gimmicky, has become part of my usual toolset. I find myself using it frequently to minimize and maximize timeline sizes, import footage, and a variety of other uses. It’s been a surprisingly useful tool for my editing process.

Pro: Performance and Speed

In my previous post, you can see video comparisons of FCPX to Premiere based on speed. This was the biggest selling point to me to make the switch. Apple hardware and software working efficiently together make a great combination. This is what I paid the most attention to while working in FCPX. read more...

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