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This website is dedicated to film and video editors. It will provide you with information and facts to better understand the advantages of the Avid editing platform. Let the obvious be stated right up front. I am an Avid editor and not a Final Cut editor. I have used both and favor Avid. This website is not designed to bash FCP, but is intended to educate FCP users who may not know why they should consider switching over to Avid. Further, it is intended to help Avid editors considering moving over to FCP as to why they might want to stay with the Avid platform. In short, I and thousands of post production professionals believe in the Avid product and this website will provide that point of view. It is a point of view and not gospel. It is both opinion and fact.I am presenting this web space as a forum for discussion and learning. I welcome Avid users and FCP users as well as film and video editors of any kind. I encourage discussion of all kinds on our Community Forums. To the left you'll find a variety of links covering different topics, providing information, discussion and testimonials. So take a look around, sign up for the Community Forums and participate. I'll answer all question and comments as best I can. Check out

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