Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, That Is The Question by Dave Newman

It’s been a heck of a production week, and I’m exhausted but happy and finally on the home stretch as I write this article in the waiting area of the Nashville airport, heading home from the MusicFog Streaming Marathon. We’re about to delve into the inevitable post production process, as the result of the imperfect world of live HD switching, archiving and streaming, and inherent errors that can and did occur during these three life-altering days of shooting and recording 33 of the most established Nashville artists as well as the hottest, most promising new musical acts.

The point of saying this is that as careful as we were to conquer every reasonable detail at our control, from the nuance of lighting, to sound proofing to audio sweetening, transgressions did indeed manifest themselves despite our best efforts. Now there is work to be done after the fact. So as we’re heading back into the studio , we are now faced with a a decision. The question now is:

Final Cut Pro 7 (or “upgraded” Final Cut Pro X)?


Adobe Premiere Pro and the full arsenal of CS5.5 ?

You can judge for yourself. At Media Design Multimedia studios in San Marcos, Texas we have had both Final Cut and Adobe Premiere installed for some time now. We were originally more of a PC-based studio for many years, and as we went non-linear, the logical choice was to utilize Premiere (before it became Premiere Pro) since we then had the machines to run it, and the traditional integration of all of the Adobe applications was always a major plus. read more...

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