Final Cut Pro X - 10.0.6 - A first Look

Ken Stone's FCP by Steve Martin

Final Cut Pro X was released on June 21, 2011 amid much anticipation and pre-buzz largely due to Apple's sneak peak of its new software at the NAB show two months earlier. Within hours of it's release however, the tone changed and Apple found itself under withering fire for reasons you may or may not be sympathetic to depending on your level of emotional and/or financial investment in Apple's original version of the software. It's been nearly a year and a half, and like all things in technology or politics, a lot has changed.

For the record, when I wrote my original First Look on Final Cut Pro 10.0, I expressed some of my initial misgivings with Final Cut Pro X's radical UI departure from its predecessor, but I was never in doubt that Final Cut Pro X is where the puck is going.

With the release of Final Cut Pro 10.0.6, my conviction has been cemented. So indulge me for a moment as I do a quick rundown on what we've learned in the past 14 months:

We've learned that Apple's has kept its word and added significant new features with every other release of Final Cut Pro X - and all for free.

We've learned that Apple does not just add features, they actually re-imagine them, rethink them, and in typical Apple fashion, redefine them. Look no further than Final Cut Pro's Multicam editor as the best example of this. read more...

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