Final Cut Pro X in Action at University of Michigan

Cutting on Final Cut Pro X at the University of Michigan blog Benjamin Armes, the videographer for the School of Information at the University of Michigan has very kindly put together a few FCPX editing tips in a user story about a recent project. Ben got in touch to tell us about a recent FCPX project he was involved with at the University of Michigan: PROJECT At the beginning of March, I began pre-preduction on a video project for our school’s commencement ceremony. This video involved a lot of shooting and scheduling with three students that were soon to graduate. I knew this was going to be challenging because I was not only working against the timeline of the project, but also working around the schedule of three graduate students that were about to start their final exams. There was a lot stacked against me and I needed to have this video done by the 29th of April. I’ve been editing on Final Cut Pro X for the past four years at the University of Michigan School of Information and it’s been a huge learning experience. I knew that I was going to be pushing FCPX to some limits on this project. A few of the big things that I had to do on this project involved stabilization, audio editing, and keyframing masks...[continue reading]

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