Final Cut Pro X in more detail

Mac-nz by Mark Webster

Final Cut has jumped a couple of versions – it’s now called Final Cut Pro X, and this (apart from a likeness to ‘OS X’) is probably because the version is 10, whereas my previous up-to-date Final Cut was 7.0.3.
This X version has been incredibly contentious, with some Final Cut professionals panning the software and even demanding (and sometimes even getting) their money back. The main causes for concern seem to be FCPX not being able to open legacy projects – which I concur is a pretty incredible thing to overlook – and no longer supporting dual monitors.
Now, there’s one viewer, and it displays whatever your Playhead is over, whether it’s in the clips bin or timeline. With only one monitor, you can click the full-screen icon for a full-screen run-through, and Escape to go back – but this isn’t as good as having your full-screen viewer on a separate monitor.
However, I don't quite understand this criticism as there is an option in the View menu to Show Viewer on Second Display, or to Show Events on Second Display, and this works really well (below). You get a nice big picture of your efforts, and more space in your main editing layout. I like it – it works for me.
The controversy led to some professionals saying Apple is turning its back on them, effectively producing a ‘prosumer iMovie’ in the stead of the proper professional tool everyone was expecting.
And I can imagine the professional disdain at booting something up that looks like – the thought! – iMovie. Good gracious, that’s a free package (on new Macs)! And to be fair, it does look like iMovie and has the same skim thing, where you move your mouse over a clip and it plays in the view window, which is actually very handy, thank you very much. But hey, press a blue button over on the right and it’s off – you need to be aware of this as edits can happen at the skimmer position instead of at the playhead. So: warning. I reckon as soon as you start editing, turn that skimming off – but it’s handy to have on when you’re in the sort-through-your-clips mode. read more...

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