Final Cut Pro X Review with Michael Wohl by Rounik Sethi

Exclusive Interview: Michael Wohl (One of FCP's Original Designers) Speaks About Final Cut Pro X

Love it or hate it, Apple's Final Cut Pro X is here to stay. It is a radical departure from the Final Cut 7 software that came before it, and is perhaps a sign that Apple intends to usher in a brave new world of video editing. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Michael Wohl, one of the primary designers of the original Final Cut Pro, writer of Apple's Courseware and Star Trainer here at to discuss Final Cut Pro X in more detail.

In this exclusive feature interview and guide to Final Cut Pro X, Michael Wohl talks about:

  • His recent and current video production work
  • How he helped shape the original Final Cut Pro & his work at Apple
  • His favourite features of Final Cut Pro X
  • The future of Final Cut Pro X and Video Production
  • Missing features in the new Final Cut Pro
  • His teaching ethos & why his new FCP X Tutorial- Videos are essential viewing

And now, the interview ...

RS: Hi Michael, welcome to The Hub! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

MW: Thank you. Great to be here.

RS: Tell us about what kind of video-based work you do.

MW: Sure. I’ve been involved in a lot of different projects over the past twenty years. From writing and directing Indie films to commercial editing for both the web and theatrical projects. I’m actually embarking on a brand new documentary project that’s coming up in the next couple of months that’s going to be about Ethiopia’s agricultural transformation. It’s going to be a five-year project. read more...

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