Final Cut Pro Z: Touch to Play

Splice Vine by Eric Wise

Oh, if only.

Most of us just use our cocktail napkins as sketchpads for fevered start-up dreams or as liquid relief platforms for Cupertino-induced headaches.

Not Jason Rose.

He uses them to wipe the screen of his massive touch-enabled, video editing system.

Ok, I’m not sure if he uses cocktail napkins but his Tactile Interface Movie Editing (T.I.M.E.) system definitely deserves a toast. The video of him tapping and swiping his way through FCP X has been viewed by over 5000 people and counting on Vimeo.

You may have seen previous videos of T.I.M.E. used with Final Cut Pro 7 and even Avid Media Composer. But Jason says that T.I.M.E. works better with FCP X because “the UI is more user friendly when it comes to touchscreen editing” (larger buttons).

I spoke with Jason at length last week with a flurry of questions.

How and when can people get this?

Well… it turns out the T.I.M.E.system is cost-prohibitive. It’s merely a proof-of-concept. A forward-thinking response to the age old impulse of answering why with – well, ‘why not’!? read more...

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