Final Cut Studio 2 First Look: Previewing Apple's New Software Suite

Videography by Oliver PetersFCS2Final Cut Extreme turned out to be simply a rumor, but a crowd of 3,000 at the Venetian ballroom at NAB was wowed nonetheless as Apple introduced Final Cut Studio 2. Like Adobe's introduction of Creative Suite 3 a few weeks earlier, Final Cut Studio 2 isn't simply an update of some creative content applications but is instead an integrated bundle of software designed to form the basis of a complete media platform. Apple Final Cut Studio 2 includes Final Cut Pro 6 (with LiveType 2 and Cinema Tools 4), Motion 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Compressor 3, Soundtrack Pro 2 and Color. Color is a new professional color grading tool based on the FinalTouch technology acquired from Silicon Color. Although not part of the Studio package, Apple also introduced Final Cut Server, an asset management application based on the Artbox acquisition from Proximity Group. FC Server is ideal for small- and medium-sized facilities and can be used on a single machine or multiple systems connected via a standard LAN or Apple Xsan (or other) shared storage system. Here's a quick glance at what Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 has to offer. read more...

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