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Connor Crosby is a teenager who loves making short films, documentaries, comedies, and more. He knows his way around the Final Cut Studio suite and now he published his thoughts on the new FCPX:

Final Cut Pro X is a great non-linear editing application; but, it’s missing a lot of features. It’s a 1.0 version, which means things will be missing and there will be bugs. There are tons of great features such as Smart Collections, audio/video skimming, live preview of effects, background rendering, 64bit, and more. But, there are also tons of “bad” things like no – well, barely any – support for tape, the magnetic timeline (in my opinion), no multi-cam features yet, lack of export options (without the purchase of Compressor, and that’s still limited), and more.

Please note that the pros and cons I have listed in this post may differ from yours. As I mentioned, I am not a “professional” video editor, so my needs may vary from others. Back to more information about me: I use a Canon DSLR. Final Cut X is great for tape-less media! Plus, the Smart Collections feature is truly amazing!

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