Find Out Which TriCaster Is Right For You

NewTek's TriCaster™ multicamera video production system comes in many forms to serve your broadcasting, streaming, publishing, display and recording needs. Not sure which option is right for you? NewTek crafted a handy PDF to help make your decision making process easier.

Here is the break down:

tricaster-40 tricaster-mini

Start Simple. TriCaster 40

Great for: Slimmed-down video programs with a small handful of cameras nearby, and some “wow factor” effects added for extra punch. Popular with: Local stations on a tight budget, A/V libraries and classrooms, bloggers, wedding videographers, small businesses, youth athletics, community agencies, auditoriums, small houses of worship.

Create Now. TriCaster Mini

Great for: Creating, streaming and publishing online video content with everyday HDMI camcorders and little to no experience. Popular with: Small businesses, company offices, corporate communications, city government, event videographers, podcasters, television production classes, meeting and presentation spaces.
tricaster-410 tricaster-460

Go Live. TriCaster 410

Great for: Delivering mid-sized webcasts and events with SDI cameras and TV-style production visuals; streamed or aired live, or saved to the drive, and done. Popular with: Live event webcasters, videoconference studios, business meeting and event video staffs, streaming media pros and mid-size worship producers.

Get Mobile. TriCaster 460

Great for: Capturing and producing moderate-scale shows anywhere, with prepackaged b-roll, eye-popping effects, and quick post production turnaround. Popular with: Mobile producers, corporate video departments, local TV stations, high school sports, corporate HR and training departments, state government, college stadiums, mid to advanced worship, school districts, distance learning.

Grow Bigger. TriCaster 8000

Great for: Broadcast integration, massive multi-camera coverage, or high-end production at any size, with visuals that raise more eyebrows, drop more jaws, and put more eyes on more screens. Popular with: Broadcast networks, media publishers, stadiums, sports networks and leagues, festivals, multi-stage venues, major event producers. Videoguys does not sell the TriCaster 8000 systems. If you are interested in the NewTek TriCaster 8000 please call us at 800-323-2325 and we would be happy to refer you to a local NewTek System Integrator.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of NewTek's breakdown of their TriCaster models.

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