Finding the ‘G-Spot’ in Premium Storage

Editors Guild by Joseph Herman

G-Technology is a premium storage solutions manufacturer who specializes in creating products squarely aimed at professional media creators for whom performance and reliability are paramount. While you might find cheap drives at your local electronics store, G-Technology’s line of external RAIDs, storage docks, hard drives and portable disks have been recognized as being in a class of their own. That’s why its products can be found in premiere post-production facilities worldwide.

Recently, I had an opportunity to acquire and review a G-RAID, G-Technology’s professional high-performance, dual-drive storage system (see Figure 1). As we’ll see, one of the most exciting things about the G-RAID is the fact that it now includes a super-fast Thunderbolt connection.

The Need for Speed
Of course, creating media — whether it’s recording music, editing photos or rendering 3D animation — requires a lot of disk space at your disposal. However, nothing eats up storage like video editing, especially nowadays with uncompressed workflows and cameras capable of generating 2K and 4K video. But the business of video editing requires more than just a lot of storage; it also requires speed. It’s important that the process of editing happens in real time with a minimum of dropped frames.

It should come as no surprise that one of the easiest ways to get better performance from your individual hard drives is to set them up in a RAID configuration. For the non-technical among us, RAID stands for Redundant Array of Interconnected Disks. While the increase in speed is significant, the concept of a RAID is simple. Simply by taking two or more drives and reading or writing to them simultaneously (thanks to a technique called striping), you in effect get much more performance than a single drive. The more disks you add, the faster things get. A striped RAID configuration is called RAID 0. read more...

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