Fine Tuning the Epiphan Pearl Nano Live Streaming Encoder

The Epiphan Pearl Nano is a powerful set it and forget it encoder, perfect for organizations like schools or major corporations hoping to stream easily and with confidence.  While it doesn't have the same power as a Pearl Mini or a Pearl-2, the Pearl Nano is still an excellent encoder for many streaming workflows where those devices might be overkill. 

Check out this week's Videoguys Live Webinar, where Adam Noyes discusses the Pearl Nano several months after release.  We're talking about all of the ways to fine tune the Pearl Nano for your workflow. 

Check out the full webinar, below. 

Epiphan Pearl Nano:

"Pearl Nano offers the ultimate blend of portability and versatility with a refined yet robust feature set that includes ingestion, encoding, HDMI pass-through, and recording. Use Nano as a powerful and reliable video distribution device or contribution encoder, or leverage the device’s streaming and recording functions as part of a more complex setup with additional production capabilities."

Pearl Nano Features:

  • Front screen for monitoring and easy config
  • HDMI and SDI video inputs
  • HDMI pass-through and program out
  • XLR, RCA, and USB audio
  • Custom layout builder
  • SRT encoding and decoding
  • $1,495

Pearl Nano Introduction:

The Pearl Nano debuted earlier in 2020 as an answer to a niche of streamers that the Pearl family did not yet cover.  Think of it as a Pearl Mini but with only one layout channel.  The Nano can stream and record, and take in video and audio signals to create a composite layout. 

It can also send signals via HDMI or HDMI passthrough and stream, and even provides a confidence monitor.  It's also a great device for leveraging SRT, or taking advantage of Panopto and Kaltura.  

Check out our show from earlier this year, where we were joined by Epiphan's George Herbert, to introduce the Pearl Nano. 

Our Pearl Nano Content:

Upon launch of the Pearl Nano, Videoguys was one of the first channels to create content breaking down the function, look, and feel of the device.  First and foremost, we created an unboxing of the Pearl Nano where we gave a brief overview of the device, and what's included in the box. 
Check out the unboxing video, below:

Videoguys also took a hardware deep dive in a fully produced Product Spotlight.  This video delves into different features, inputs and uses for the Pearl Nano. 
Check out that video, below. 

Learn More About Epiphan Pearl Nano

Control Nano your way:

The Pearl Nano has a front facing screen that is perfect for basic configuration and control, however, you can also control Nano with the Browser Based Interface where you can truly unlock all of the features of the Pearl Nano.  

Elevate your productions

"Build a beautiful layout for your video program with Pearl Nano’s powerful custom layout designer. Create anything from simple picture-in-picture layouts to eye-popping compositions featuring dynamic backgrounds and other custom graphics – whatever suits your event best."

We recently created a demo of the Pearl Nano Online GUI and these features in our Live Production Apps Webinar. 

Check out that webinar, here. 


Epiphan Cloud: 

Epiphan Cloud is another great way to take full advantage of all the power that the Pearl Nano holds.  Integrate your Pearl Nano with the rest of your Pearl Devices, or control from anywhere with Epiphan Cloud.

Check out this video from Epiphan about Epiphan Cloud to Learn More:

Pearl Nano and SRT:

Pearl Nano works as an excellent endpoint for SRT workflows.  

"The compact and lightweight Pearl Nano supports Haivision’s open-source Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for secure, high-quality, low-latency video streaming over any given network."

Pairing Pearl Nano with Switchers and Other Devices:

While the Pearl Nano is incredibly capable and has a ton of features and power, sometimes more flexibility must be added.  One solution we've found for this workflow, is the RGBlink mini or RGBlink mini+, which can add more inputs to your Pearl Nano Stream. 

We created our own test stream of this exact workflow to our Facebook page.  Check out that stream, below. 

Pearl Nano FAQ:

We’ve also Learned a lot from our Customers who are using the Pearl Nano!  
Here are Some of the Questions we've Been Asked......

What are Kaltura and Panopto and why would I want them?

Actually... the real question is the other way around. 
Kaltura & Panopto are content management systems often used in schools and other large organizations and the people using them are the ones who should be asking is:​ "What is the Pearl Nano and why do I want it?"

Pearl Nano with Kaltura and Panopto:

The Pearl Nano is one of the easiest ways to bring content into these systems and the close integration allows you to implement these systems throughout an entire department, school or even campus.

"Deep integration with Panopto and Kaltura lets you start and stop scheduled streaming or recording events using Nano’s built-in screen and controls. The system can also push recordings to a user’s folder on either platform to save administration time after events."


Pearl Nano can also easily be added to your Crestron AV system and can function as a secure and reliable video capture device.  

Does the Pearl Nano Record?

Yes, Pearl Nano can record to these destinations:

  • SD Cards
  • USB
  • M2 SATA SSD Expansion Slot

Tech Note: The SSD slot is compatible with M2 SATA SSD drives (like the WD Blue drives) but NOT with M2 NVME drives like the new WD Black.

​Comparing Pearl Systems:

Not all workflows are alike and some have different needs.  Just because a Pearl Nano fits in one workflow, doesn't mean it will fit in another!  Luckily, there is a Pearl for every workflow.  

Check out this chart, comparing all three Epiphan Pearl Systems.


Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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