FireFly Cinema Accelerates Innovation

FireFly Cinema Accelerates Innovation in Digital Cinema Color Workflows

Paris, France – May 27, 2016 — The FireFly Cinema team is excited to join their customers and partners at the 2016 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. The Expo attracts 16,000 artists and technicians from all over the world. FireFly Cinema will be showcasing powerful new workflows enabled by their suite of creative color grading software solutions. The FireFly Suite now offers a comprehensive film set to finishing suite workflow for colorists encompassing FirePlay (for playback), FireDay (for digital dailies) and FirePost (for color finishing). Digital cinema professionals can visit the MelroseMAC booth (S311 Stage 32) on the Paramount studio back lot to see a demonstration of the FireFly end-to-end workflow showing native playback of digital camera media, digital dailies management, live grading on-set, post color grading, and comprehensive version rendering and metadata management. Join FireFly at Cine Gear Expo 2016 FireFly Cinema will be demonstrating some powerful new capabilities at the Expo:
  • Support for a host of new RAW camera formats, ensuring compatibility with the latest production setups:
    • MXF/ARRIRAW file format used by the ARRI ALEXA Mini.
    • Arri ALEXA 65 and ALEXA Mini mini, Arri Open Gate
    • Panasonic VariCam MXF,
    • Canon C300 Mark II XF-AVC
    • RED EPIC Dragon
  • Support for the latest in color standards: the ACES open color standard
  • HDR support by enabling the SMPTE ST 2084 transfer function
  • Support for the new Teradek COLR LUT Box for live color grading previews
CEO Philippe Reinaudo enthused: “FireFly Cinema is excited to bring these new capabilities to market and make it even easier for digital cinema professionals to achieve creative color results even in the most complex and demanding film production environments.” Company Info FireFly Cinema creates digital color management solutions. With 35 years of combined experience on hundreds of feature films at Europe’s largest digital laboratory, they strive to remain at the forefront in the digital cinema age and offer a suite of software solutions that complete the workflow for color professionals everywhere. Based in France, the birthplace of cinema, FireFly Cinema tools are widely used across European film productions.

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