FireStore FS-4 Review

DV Mag by Bruce A. Johnson fs4Compact, with great battery integration. Huge, bright, readable LCD. Records directly into many NLE codecs. You might remember my review of the Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-3 (Reviews, Mar. '04 DV). I loved it so much I was reduced to incoherent drooling-quite unusual for me, but it was for a good reason. The FS-3 earned five stars: It's the only time I've given this award, and only one of two DV has given overall. Needless to say, whenever Focus Enhancements comes out with a new product, I pay attention. As great as the FS-3 is, it isn't appropriate for everyone. The fairly large aluminum body, which mounts between a professional camera's battery mount and the battery, left shooters with smaller camera systems out in the cold. Focus Enhancements ( has addressed this crowd with the new FireStore FS-4, a hard-drive DV recorder that works with any camera with a FireWire port. read more...

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