Firmware Upgrade for Shogun Inferno

Atomos 8.1 Firmware Upgrade for Shogun Inferno

Click here to watch the video on Vimeo

AtomOS Featured Updates:
  • High Frame rates for Sony HD/2K Raw 100/120/200/240p for recording & playback
  • Hybrid Log/Gamma (HLG) in and out can now be accessed from the Monitor page
  • Further improvements to 3:2 pulldown functionality

Bug Fixes:
  • Sony FS7 DCI 4Kp50/60 locking improved via HDMI
  • Waveform monitor added for all 2k modes
  • DCI 4Kp60 synchronized audio playback improvements at DCI 4Kp30
  • Time lapse functionality improved
  • Occasional red flash frame issue improved while recording, this did not affect the recorded footage

Download the latest OS Update

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