First Look: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

DMN by John Virata

Premiere Elements user takes a first look at the big brother

While Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 has been out for several months now, I thought I'd take a look at it from a Premiere Elements user perspective while still looking at some of the new features. The application is for professional video editors, but there is an upgrade path for Premiere Elements users. Both applications edit video, and both offer a wealth of transitions and effects, but Premiere Pro offers more professional features that aren't found in consumer level video editing applications. I've been working with Premiere Pro CS4 for a few months now and it is a lot different that Premiere Elements, but still retains some similar look and feel to the interface. I've only been working with AVCHD video, mini DV, and video captured from digital cameras and Flip video cameras, so I am by no means taxing the software. That would be reserved for the professional video formats that Premiere Pro CS4 supports, such as Panasonic's P2 and Sony's XDCAM EX formats, and the RED formats from Red Digital Camera Company. Within the scope of this review, I'll be focusing on some of the new features found in Premiere Pro CS4.

Speech Search
One of the new features in Premiere Pro CS4 is a speech transcription tool that is supposed to transcribe the spoken word in a video clip. read more...

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