First Look: Apple Color

DV By Oliver Peters Apple ColorThe biggest shock with the release of Apple’s Final Cut Studio 2 has been that Apple included Color in the bundle at a standard upgrade price. Color is a motion-picture-quality color-correction and grading application based on the FinalTouch technology acquired from Silicon Color. Up until IBC 2006 (prior to this acquisition), Silicon Color had marketed FinalTouch as a tiered product for SD, HD and 2K grading, topping out at a price in the thousands of dollars for the 2K version. By bundling Color with Final Cut Studio, Apple introduced many folks to this powerful application—potential users who might never have given it a second look under the FinalTouch banner. The last official versions of FinalTouch were pretty buggy—so how much were Apple engineers able to do in a few short months? Quite a lot. Color 1.0 is very stable if you stay within Apple’s recommended guidelines. Some issues, such as drop-frame sequence compatibility, have been fixed in the latest update (1.0.1), but others remain—so new users should consult Apple’s latest release notes for any potential gotchas in their particular workflows. Not all issues will apply, but some users in online forums still report problems with 720p at PAL frame rates and length limitations. For optimum performance, work in segments that are 10 minutes or less in length and include fewer than 200 edits. read more...

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