First Look at BirdDog PF120 20x NDI Box Camera

ProAV TV shows us their first look at the BirdDog PF120 20x NDI Box Camera. Watch the full video here:

Full NDI 20x Box Camera
BirdDog PF120 is a remotely controllable camera based on BirdDog’s unique Full-bandwidth NDI A/V transfer protocol. It is equipped with many features to ensure the quality of images and control is kept to the highest standards as well as being fully compatible with industry standards.

Sony Exmor R Sensor. You deserve the best
With a Sony Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, PF120 delivers beautiful images with significantly enhanced imaging characteristics including enhanced low noise sensitivity.

Professional Level Color Tools
PF120 has an incredible set of color tools. With 64 levels of saturation and hue control over red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, and magenta, you can shade and match your PF120 cameras like a total boss.

FREE Cam Control. Paint, Set, and Match
The Cam Control app is the easiest and most user-friendly way to dial in BirdDog cameras. Simply load on a Windows 10 machine on the same network as your BirdDog cameras and access all functions of the camera through a beautiful interface. Quickly dial in the look you like and copy settings across multiple cameras in seconds. And it’s 100% free with all BirdDog PTZ cameras.

Full NDI
PF120 features BirdDog’s unique NDI silicon to produce visually lossless, full bandwidth NDI, which is a variable bit rate, I-Frame codec that is reaches around 140Mbits at 1080p60.

Learn more about BirdDog PF120 Box Camera HERE

Learn more about BirdDog HERE

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