First look at Lightworks beta for Linux

Libre Graphics World by Alexander Prokoudine

If the story of making Lightworks a free application taught us anything, it's patience. After three years it's finally possible to download and run the awards-winning non-linear video editor on Linux, for free.

First of all, let's be honest. If you are a digital filmmaker whose videos proudly wear "Staff pick" badge on Vimeo, the only reason you haven't tried Lightworks yet is either because open beta for Mac is still to be released, or because you were too busy making the human race not such a complete waste. So this quick review is targeted at the minority of us who sit on Linux and wonder if Lightworks would improve our workflow.

Any bugs mentioned below should be understood as weird glitches that will be eradicated between now and the final release, whenever one happens. There's always a possibility of design limitations, of course, but that's between you and the bug tracker.


The first thing you will notice is that Lightworks creates its own fullscreen desktop, which might bring you back the fond memories of StarOffice, should you have any.

A lot of floating windows can be pinned to their position or collapsed and moved out of the way. Any part of a window's border can be grabbed to move the whole window, no need to go for caption. Right-click menus also work as windows and can be pinned. Within a single project you can switch between rooms to work on different things. read more...

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